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Montreal based NonHuman Era's story begins with a few musical ideas exchanged between the two founding members of the group circa 2007. Rick and Carlo who happen to be cousins began to imagine and crave an original, emotionally driven; Progressive Metal based style of music. Fast forward several years of countless member auditions and careful tweaking of their sound, they met a Keyboard player named Marek. He was intrigued by the music and decided to embark on Rick and Carlo's musical journey.

While musically progressing, a full band dynamic was still missing. Enter Pierre St-Jean and Jean-Francois. Within a short period of time all 5 members were completely sold on the idea of working and pushing the project in order to achieve its full potential.


Pierre St-Jean, Carlo Zappavigna, Rick Dessi, Jean - Francois Vincenti, Marek Krowicki.

Pierre St-Jean
Lead Vocals - Rhythm Guitars

Carlo Zappavigna
Guitars - Lead Guitars

Rick Dessi

Jean - Francois Vincenti

Marek Krowicki

Pierre St-Jean uses and abuses:
Godin Guitars, Marshall amps and his f%?*£¢*g voice.

Carlo Zappavigna uses and abuses:
Ibanez, Music Man and Godin guitars, Dimarzio, Engl, Peavey, Morley, TC Electronic, Maxon, Tech 21, Elixir, Ernie Ball, ISP, Digiflex.

Rick Dessi uses and abuses:
Tama Starclassic BB drums and Sabian cymbals.

Jean - Francois Vincenti uses and abuses:
Ibanez and Warwick basses, Sansamp, SWR, Elixir strings.

Marek Krowicki uses and abuses:
Akai keyboards, Asus laptop and Lexicon sound card.

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